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Aloha April!

My first winter and spring here in Denmark have been rather dark, gloomy, cold, and wet. I am a California girl, so these overcast days were really starting to get me down. Three weeks in a row without sunshine is just wrong!

Then, the Reddit Crochet group announced an Aloha April crochet contest and memories of warm tropical vacations filled my mind. I can still smell the plumerias on the ocean breeze. For the contest, you could use 200g of any yarn to make anything you want. The only requirements were to keep the community up to date on your project. The flowers I have posted recently (orchid, leaf, and buds; lotus flower and leaf; plumeria and leaf) were conceived as part of my submission to the Aloha April contest.

If you are a member of Reddit and would like to see the other submissions, you can find the official submission/voting thread here. And here is the original photo album of my submission including the yarn I use for most of these works (and the only inexpensive yarn I have found here in Denmark (and also displayed below).

From left to right, top to bottom: yarn, plumeria, plumeria leaf, lotus leaf, lotus flower,

orchid, orchid leaf and young buds.

I will let you all know what happens. Voting is open until the end of the month!


The voting is in and I got third place! I won some beautiful yarn and a few other goodies from Hawaii. So neat! Thanks so much if you voted.

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